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i-Maths program encouraging children to find solutions from all aspect(s) or angles. It is to train them to see problems or circumstances in a complete and thorough manner, and also the ability to analyse them critically. Such training does not only enhance the ability of problem solving, but also encourages children to develop a habit of scrutinising facts meticulously and thoroughly.


i-Maths IG is an International Grading set by the i-Maths Global Principal Office in Malaysia. It provides evaluation of i-Maths students relative to the Standard Global Market for i-Maths. Each student is assessed and graded individually based on the Standard Grading System. This vary from regular assessment tests held at the end of each level.

Tangrams can teach kids about spatial relationships. They may help kids learn geometric terms and develop stronger problem solving skills. They might even help children perform better in general mathematics. A tangram is a Chinese puzzle consisting of  7 shapes.

The “Block Counting” curriculum is designed to encourage very young children to think and talk about math concepts throughout the days, by providing lessons through innovative games.




This competition signifies our commitments in:

  • Providing the opportunity for i-Maths students to compete with each other from different parts of the world;
  • Providing an arena for battle of minds for exceptional speed & mental precision in accordance to teaching delivery;
  • Affirming competence and recognising the excellent achievements of students in the learning of i-Maths programme;
  • Fostering closer relationship between i-Maths franchisees, course instructors & students.


  1. 4 years old & below
  2. 5 years old
  3. 6 years old
  4. 7-9 years old

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